Amazing Feeling of Accomplishment

There are many goals we give ourselves. Some get done while others get pushed to the side. Sadly, more goals are being pushed to the side than there are goals getting done. Whether it be because of time management or no more desire to continue, many people give up on their goals.

However, the feeling of accomplishing a goal gives us the motivation we need to accomplish our other goals. We all feel great when we accomplish something. I feel amazing when I do a hard workout in the gym, write a certain number of programs and nutrition plans every week, finish reading some educational material, climb Mount Everest (still working on this one).

The feeling of accomplishment invigorates us to raise our standards. Putting the giant check mark in front of a goal boosts this invigoration. In order to get the best feeling of accomplishment, you need to acknowledge the accomplishment. Writing down the goal and putting a giant check mark in front of the one you accomplished is the best way of doing that.

In order to continue to do the work we do, we need to have an incentive. The best incentive is the feeling of accomplishment. Some people will quickly argue that a monetary incentive is the stronger of the two, but the feeling of accomplishment raises our standards and as a results makes us pursue more challenging goals. Maybe your first goal was to walk 5km. Now your goal may be to start jogging every week for a certain amount of days.

The feeling of accomplishment allows us to raise our standards. By raising those standards, we will be able to accomplish the goals that once seemed impossible.

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