One of many battles that I won!

Achilles, pandemic and lockdowns, bankruptcy and loss of assets, no employment, change of country, betrayal. F**k, the last 18 months were not easy for all of us! We all have our own battles to fight!

18 months ago I completely ruptured my achilles tendon while playing tennis. I am a big guy, 120kg at a time of the injury, and lateral movement was a bit too much for my ankle. Never-mind I played basketball through out my whole life.

I was shocked and couldn’t believe this is really happening! It didn’t hurt that much, felt like someone hit me with a baseball bat right into my calf, and in that moment that was exactly what I thought, I even looked around to see who actually had audacity to hit me, as soon as my achilles “popped” I knew what it was, but in my head I kept saying: NO! This can’t be happening!

To me that meant unemployment for who knows how long, all my scheduled holidays had to be cancelled (I still went to Mykonos with a cast and crutches and had time of my life), I knew life has to change immediately and I didn’t want to accept it.

I came back home, still drove automatic with one leg (left), still was not acknowledging what happened, could not move my ankle, it was just hanging off. Woke up in the morning and tried to go to work like all this was a bad dream. My Boss at a time saw me, he was like “Bro, you can’t walk, your leg is blue, you have to go and get it checked, please, you can’t keep working like this”

So I went and got it checked and it was worse than expected, complete rupture with 5inches gap between my calf and tendon.

Had two surgeries within a space of 2 weeks. Stayed in a cast for 8 weeks and then was suppose to stay in a boot for another 8, but luckily due to being active and healthy all my life after 4 weeks boot was removed and I began my recovery.

While in a cast I just couldn’t stay still, felt bad, felt that all the years perfecting my physique and working so hard day in and day out will go to waste. I kept training every single day, most of the days multiple times, after 4 weeks I was back doing Personal Training at the top facility in Kuwait, Yes PT with crutches.

Recovery was a B**CH, zero mobility in the ankle, it just wouldn’t move, couldn’t walk on or stand on my right foot. I worked as a PT at a time, so walking throughout the gym to meet a client was a biggest challenge. Kept working and kept grinding, recovery was super slow. After 6 months I was able to start moving some weights, my squat 8rm became 40kg, couldn’t lift my body with my calves, not even talking about jumping. Took me one year to even do a 12inch jump.

Worked out every single day, legs 3 times a week, just to try and get them back to were they once were, I’m still not 100% but finally getting closer to where I want to be! Never stopped and never will!

So will you give up or keep fighting? Will you surrender or continue working your ass off? 

Your mind is the most powerful tool in the universe! Use it! 

Life will constantly keep throwing challenges Your way, but it is up to you to stand up and fight! 

Every failure is a lesson, every challenge is a new experience! Learn, recover, grow, adapt, adjust, recalibrate, reengage and go back into the fight! 

You never fail until you stop trying! 

KEEP FIGHTING! Life does get better! I know!

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  1. Hello. Read your story. I had exactly the same thing. Rupture of my achilles by 4cm. Had a surgery in November 2019. 1 month in a cast and 1 month in a bootwalker. I am athletic as well. It was hard specially when you see no improvement for 1 or 2 months. Got over it and started working out my upper part 3 weeks after the surgery. It is a tough period which doesn’t last. But tough people do. Take care

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