“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough”

Hey everyone! We are Gedas and Sarune. Probably the craziest couple you will ever meet. And we mean it!

We’ve been together for the last 13 years and we’ve known each other since play school. We always shared the same dream which is, “to live a happy and active life filled with as many adventures as possible along the way!”

We come from a small town in Lithuania. Both of us could not wait to finish high school and go to explore and see the world. With student exchange program we moved to Ireland, spent 8 years of our lives there pursuing a goal of becoming fitness professionals. Absolutely loved it, the people, culture, nature. Even now we still call it home. 

Few years ago we were sitting at home by the fireplace planning our next trip and completely out of blue we got a phone call from Kuwait with a job offer. Without any hesitation we packed our bags and left the next month. Been living in the heart of middle east since then, helping people to change their lives for better. 

Travelling the world, exploring, getting to know different cultures, meeting new people from all over the world was one of our biggest passions since day one. We’ve seen and experienced so many magnificent and different places, from amazing Dubai skyscrapers to the most beautiful beaches in Tanzanian Island, Zanzibar. From Eiffel Tower to Railey Beach. So let us bring you together with us through our past adventures and also new ones to come!

We’ve studied, worked, lived and breathed Health & Fitness for more than 10 years now. It is by far our biggest passion, we generated so much knowledge over the years by working with many different professionals, taking mentor ships, courses, workshops. We went from certified nutritionists to advanced hypertrophy coaches, from group classes to virtual PT sessions, from managing facilities to doing beach bootcamps. So whatever goal you are trying to achieve, no matter how small or big we are here to help! And we will make sure your journey is fun, challenging, professionally planed and most importantly sustainable.

Another big part of our lifestyle is Food. From cooking to eating. Well usually Sarune is cooking and Gedas is eating. While travelling we have tried so many different dishes from dozens of different cultures. From Irish Stew to Grilled Scorpions, From Frogs and Snails to Hummus and carrots. All our cultural food experience combined with nutritional knowledge gave us an ability to create some really cool recipes that you will really enjoy. So stay tuned! 

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