Balance And Obsession

I hear this a lot, “balance matters!”, “life work balance”, balance this and balance that… In my opinion message should be “In order to find balance, you must know what obsession is” How can you find balance if… Read More

This too shall pass, but it really, really sucks

They say that optimists are not those who ignore the reality, but instead, those who see the reality, can find a path forward, a silver lining. None of us can be optimists without first acknowledging the hard cloud that hangs over us. And it’s so simple to do. It takes only two words. And I encourage you to say them outloud often to yourself, to your friends and family: “This sucks.” 

How to become the happiest man alive in 4 easy steps

Took me 30 years and a worldwide pandemic to realise this so better read this carefully.